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Music Samples: Lisa & Erika!

by SOM Magazine

Leaning Toward the Good |

The Music of Lisa Ferraro & Erika Luckett Will Give You Chills and Speak to Your Spirit!


Photo by Lisa Seed

Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett are two of the New Thought movement’s best known, and most deeply loved, singers and songwriters. Performing as a duo together since 2007, Ferraro (the silky-voiced, jazz-inflected Pittsburgh native) and Luckett (the Mexico-born, Venezuela- and Brazil-raised guitar goddess and vocalist) possess an uncanny and inexplicable “greater than the sum of their parts” ability to sound like three or more voices when singing together in harmony.

See the full review by Doug LeBow of their latest album, “Leaning Toward the Good,” in the July 2015 issue of Science of Mind magazine (now available at Barnes & Noble locations across the country).

Listen to tracks, purchase music and learn more at LisaAndErika.com.

EXCLUSIVE: Listen to two of their newest tracks here!

Leaning Toward the Good


Meet this dynamic duo in a video from their website: LisaAndErika.com

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