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Exclusive Video Interview!

by SOM Magazine

A Conversation With Gregg Levoy »

In our January 2016  issue, best-selling author and speaker Gregg Levoy talks with Rev. Duchess Dale about his latest book, “Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion.”

In “Vital Signs,” Levoy examines skills that expand one’s exploration into the art of living life fully with a sense of adventure and discovery, opening the way for creativity in all areas of life. The book guides the reader into the soul in order to do the necessary work to uncover and maintain the visions and passions that are uniquely ours.

“Vital Signs” is geared to being in love with life, not just attaining passion. It’s about cultivating the skill of passion — not just passion as a place to get to, but a place you come from, says Levoy.

Watch the interview here:


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