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Media Review: It's Okay!

by SOM Magazine

Media ReviewIt’s Okay! »

By Fiona Ross  |

This is a picture book about little bird Jay. Jay is feeling sad one day because his Daddy lives far away. But it’s okay as he learns that he is loved very much. Jay lives in a big tree with his Mommy along with a neighborhood of diverse families. There’s a single mother, a single father, a granny guardian, same-sex parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, a blended family and a widower. All of the families together in the tree create a beautiful community.

Children’s author and illustrator Fiona Ross has always been interested in the social anthropological aspects of the world around her. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Care Studies from CIT, Ireland in 2009. When reading children books, she noticed that the stories were mostly based on the traditional “nuclear” family type, which she found contrasts with a lot of modern family structures. Ross believes that early childhood development is of utmost importance in the growth of any person. Therefore it is necessary that young children feel loved and safe. Thus, the birth of the book “It’s Okay.”

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