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Photos by Leslie Van Stelten

by SOM Magazine

The Hand of Eternal Progress »

By Ernest Holmes with photography by Leslie Van Stelten (www.LeslieVanStelten.com)

It’s perennial wisdom for the generations from the 1918 classic “Creative Mind.” Ignite your New Year by going back to the foundation of Religious Science and seeing a new perspective. See the complete feature in the January 2016 issue!

Photographer Leslie Van Stelten

me_2She considers the life experiences and deep connections she makes during a photo shoot to be the lasting value behind the clicking of the shutter. It is in the actual process of creating, inspiring and connecting that a truly great photograph is made. Having a concept is merely the beginning — it is in the collaboration between subject, scenery and creative minds that a final product is crafted.

Therein lies the magic, the inherent beauty of art creating itself. She combines her background as a nightlife personality/DJ with her photography work, creating edgy, contemporary portraits. Her clients include magazines, publishing companies, advertising agencies, growing businesses, celebrities, non-profit organizations, newspapers and record labels.

Makeup/Hair: Cha Cha Romero / Model: Vanessa Wexler



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