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Soul Recovery: 21 Days to Healing

by SOM Magazine

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In our January 2017 issue, Ester Nicholson, ALSP, reveals the power behind admitting that you are powerless. And Nicholson knows from experience.

“What I’ve learned, in applying and sharing this material in workshops, training and private sessions over the past 30 years, is that the very same approach I used to heal myself of smoking cocaine applies to issues far beyond alcohol and substance abuse alone,” she vulnerably shares.

Nicholson developed Soul Recovery, a curriculum of study and practice she used to heal herself of a life-threatening addiction. This ultimately birthed the writing of her book by the same name. She believes the reason that we obsess about a drug, a relationship, a job or anything else is that we have lost sight of our wholeness. Through our life experiences, many of us have “adapted” ourselves to believe that we are unworthy and incapable of being truly happy and fulfilled. That just isn’t true.

Guided Meditations: 21 Days to Healing Dependence

We are entitled to feel as whole as we really are, compassionately and fearlessly.

Let Nicholson guide you through 21 daily contemplations, connecting to Truth and healing dependence — whatever form or appearance that takes in your life. » Sign up on her home page and begin to feel the benefits and profound shift in how you view your circumstances.

Other Powerful Resources

Receive regular insights on Nicholson’s blog: https://esternicholson.wordpress.com
Join her life-changing Forgiveness Course: https://www.udemy.com/soul-recovery-forgiveness/

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