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The Law of Circulation

by SOM Magazine
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By Patrick Cameron  | 

Expanding Our Prosperous Horizons »

Dr. Ernest Holmes once said the biggest problem that he saw in Religious Science was that too many people were merely affirming what they liked, and denying what they didn’t like. Eric Butterworth articulates this tendency in his classic “Spiritual Economics.”
In the minds of many students, it’s a matter of making Divine law work. But the truth is you can’t make law work. Law is an inexorable process. You are always in the working milieu of law as, for example, you are always under the influence of gravity. One is foolish to say, “I am going to make a demonstration of gravity.” The fact is that gravity is a constant.
Aligning, rather than manipulating, spiritual law is our true opportunity toward the expansion of our horizons. The Prosperity Affirmation of Holmes from the “Holmes Reader on Practical Wisdom” gave us a wonderful purposeful phrase that raises our perspective when he wrote, “I am keeping my whole mind and thought and expectation open to new experiences, to happier events, to a more complete self expression.”
Prosperity is a process of expanding our horizons through openness, wonder, possibility and expectation. It’s about a consistent and devoted practice of directing our awareness to the highest thought possible and embracing our capacity for creativity.
Don’t love your job? Ready for a move? Counter-intuitively listing what you love about your job will move you much more quickly to your next opportunity that staying resentful and disappointed.
Gratitude and forgiveness are powerful tools for a higher relationship with the law. When I find myself lapsing into old negative ideas, I bless these thoughts as loving reminders that there is something far more precious and productive for me to contemplate and experience.
I align with the Law, joyfully; I know I am one with the same law and intelligence that created all the amazing art and creative ideas that bless our world. My horizon is expanding, my mind is receptive, and I synchronize with divine love, joy, health and prosperity. I have enough to spare and enough to share. And so it is!
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