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Love Always: A Reflective Reminder

by SOM Magazine

Reminders of Divine Love »

By Rev. Dr. Bob Luckin
Love others — they are your breath of life.
Love the past, the present and the future.
Be the child who falls to his knees from the power of his own laughter.
Be the song every lover hears in the passion of a perfect union.
Be the leaves on the tallest tree who long to fall and kiss the ground.
Be the love that bends hard corners into hearts and clouds into pillows.
Love the ego you have abandoned along with all the disowned parts of yourself and others.
When there is nothing you have not loved, lay down and sleep.
Lie down and dream the dreams that lovers dream.
When you wake, you will be awakened.
Love everything you touch, everything you see and most of all, love me.
Love me in all my many forms. I am the love you are meant to be.

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