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The 10 Core Concepts

by SOM Magazine

Check Out This List From the 1993 Revision of the Foundational Class Curriculum »

If you’re enjoying June’s “Daily Guides” by Rev. Joanne McFadden, you may have noticed she refers to the “10 Core Concepts” of the Science of Mind philosophy.
Some readers are unfamiliar with this list, which was revised in 1993 for the Science of Mind Foundational Class curriculum. It is not found as a summary in “The Science of Mind” textbook.

You can view, print and download the list here.

At a glance, the core concepts are:

1. Oneness

2. Triune Nature

3. Creative Nature

4. Prayer

5. Wholeness

6. Abundance

7. The Reciprocal Universe

8. Forgiveness

9. Immortality

10. The Christ (as a Principle)


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