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Photo Gallery: Your Beloved Pets

by SOM Magazine

Big Love to You and Your Furry, Feathered and Scaly BFFs »

Inspiring, silly, fun and doggone life-changing. We honor our readers and the beings who make their lives complete. We’ve created this online gallery to share your favorite photos.
You can send your pet photos to LovePets@ScienceOfMind.com, and please check back often for updates to this page.

Current photo count: 283

The photos are displayed in random order to give every pet some time at the top of the page.

Please roll over the photo to see the pet’s name and click on a selection for a larger view. Thank you for sharing your love.

Gracie from Marlene Collins
Chino from Joan Coletto
Ike from Rev. Ann Thacker
Romy and Daisy from Angelica Taggart
Fred from Sylvia Schroeder
Love our girls! From Kimberly Brown
Bernie Paige from Elaine and Perry Eidum
MacDoodle from author Dennis Merritt Jones
Hiccup from Jill Roberts
Osa sent for Debbie Hebblewhite
Ananda from Reville Hamilton
Jemma from Jenny Illig
Roo from Gweneth Welch
MR and EllaBelle from Sam Trenka
Baby Louie from Michael Welsh
Bella from the Hansen family
Pooki and Krishna from Barbara Fields
Honey Bun from Jackie Meyer
Emma Curtis Hopkins from Carol Winicur
Griffin from Laura Maynor
My Maggie from Gail Shultz
Sir Winston Churchill from Cyn Giffen
Mayzie an Jemma from Rev. Barb and Rev. Jenny
Elmo from Judith Meyers, RScP
Computer Buddy from Tracy DeCarlo
Rose, Bobbob and Shakti from Terri Masterson
Greta and Liam from Pete Finch
These Muscovy ducks enjoy a meal together at the local pond. Photo copyright Mike Stensvold
From Cindy Paterno
Zoey from Jon Lentz
Buddy and Scarlett from Mark B. Chitjian & Ed Torres
Cutie Pie and Buddy from Lauralyn Rogers
Scarlett from Mark B. Chitjian & Ed Torres
Fred from Debbie Krovitz
Jasper from advice columnist Stef Swink
Big Louie from Michael Welsh
Bella from Paula Belleggie
Milton from Mark Eagle
Which one is the real cat? From Tracy DeCarlo
Noir from James Stallcup
Riley from Christine Betts
From Terry Barnes
Benz from Linda Summers
Bella from Misha Brigham
Hogan from Linda Tobias
Charlie from Sharie
Shadow the big cat from Kathleen Medley
Jasper from Debby Powell
Buddy from Diane Hennessy
Bean Blasko
Charlie with Schatzi McManus
Mayweather from Harriett Johnson
Wolfgang the Pugpomo from Victoria Temiz
Petra loves listening to Ross read Science of Mind magazine (from Willa and Ross Mavis)
Kitties from Nathan Marschall
Smiley and her cat, Foxy, from Roberta Steggall
Lola from Karen Embree
Shiva from Rev. Kathy Mastroianni
Onyx from Doug LeBow
Daisy Mae from Kimberly Brown
Shelby & Sophie from contributor Donna Mosher
Becky from Darlene Dunning
Ari from Laura Alton
Molly from Barbara Fields
Spectacles from Cindy Paterno
Musician Karen Karsh and her service dog Faulkner
Toby from Kevin Montgomery
My Boy from Susan Dexter
Bosko from Laurence Kuhn
King from Lily Sharp
Lexi and Lulu from Monica Graves
Dublin from Aimee and Derek Ross
Danielle the Buddha Cat from Sherri Ginand
From Cindy Paterno
Rumi from Julie and Tony Lobato
Shanti from Rev. Patty Rumpza
Edgar Theodore Paddlefoot and Whisper
Cookie from Holli Sharp
Jasper from Debby Powell
Gracie and Bailey from Marlene Collins
Paxton from Andy Glazar
Doris from Merrilee Adler
Sophie from Marlene Collins
Pinkerton and Foxy Angelica Junior copyright 2019 Winston Welch
Luke from Cynthia Powers
From Cindy Paterno
Lulu from Toby Sears
Domo from Lee Carlson
Sinbad from Mary Oursler
Hogan from Linda Tobias
Koko from Sherri Ginand
Dilly from Chaplain Reina Pudder, RScP
Silver Lining from Angeline Pike
Maggie and Bruno from Carroll Brown
Rose and Bobbob from Terri Masterson
Gabby plays guitar from Ryan Van Stelten
Lucy from Laura Maynor
Beauregard from Rev. Duchess Dale
Jackson from Dennise Simone
Musician Park Peters is right at home in the studio with his cats.
Petunia (it's hot!) from Christine Lockmon
Pepper and Teddy from Kathy Nelson
Coco from Lyn Avery
Please write us if these are your beautiful cats!
Bodhi from Kevin Montgomery
Brandi from Barb Tharp
From Golden Sean
Edda from Julie O'Malley
Finnegan the Schnoodle from Christy Kennedy
Jackson from Deana Sherry
Mimi from Rose Tingle, Animal Kinship Ministry
Snickers and Izzy from LuLu Jacobsen
Dublin from Aimee and Derek Ross
Tara with Rev. Kathy Mastroianni
Kate in sun goggles from Christine Lockmon
Otzi and Ally from Rick and Teryn Morell
Misha from Christine Duncan
Gabby from Suzi Van Stelten
Mystic from Temple Hayes
Mystic, a Papinese, and Shanti, a Yorkie (from Temple Hayes)
First car ride from Barbara
Danielle the Buddha Cat from Sherri Ginand
Two Pugs from Trudy Seifke
Pluto from Tony White
Chloe from Judy Morley
Ms. Babs from Gregory Coyle
Bodhi T from Becky Moore and Shawn Kindorf
Piper from Dale Terry
Boo McFadden from Rev. Joanne McFadden
Riley from Terry Moerler
Oliver from Karen and Rick Robert
Jetta Rose from Laura Alton
The men in my life: Gable and my brother from Merrilee Adler
Della from Linda Summers
Murphy from Lynda Angelis
Pooki from Barbara Fields
Lenny and Squiggy from Tammi Kushner
Hachi from Tony Lobato
Cookie (aka The Wazz) from Holli Sharp, Associate Editor/Creative Director
Yogi from Chaplain Reina Pudder, RScP
Rumi from Julie and Tony Lobato
Trixi is a drug detection dog helping teens in trouble (from Lisa Yahoo)
Duchess the Great Pyrenees and Baby Goat from Sharon Oamek
Brandi from Barb Tharp
Sunny Side Up from Debby Powell
Star the Good Citizen from Jeanette Farwell
Cadeau from Temple Hayes
From Elizabeth Allen
Jenny from Anita Larson
Shanti from Patty Rumpza
Angie from Merrilee Adler
Beau from Ginny Clark
Gryphon from Alan Hubbard and Mike Duran
Zeus from Mary Murray Shelton
Mayweather from Harriett Johnson
Hennessy Simone Ellis from Jennifer and Jim Ellis
Gatos from Blanca Mejia
Blondie and her daddy from Lois Kropp
Speedy from Sandy Chapman
Coco and Pepe from John Livesay
Ellsworth and Paisley from Cheryl Clifford
Max from Steve Burton and Judy Morley
Spirit from Milfors
Red Golden Pheasant from Julie Rabalais
From Cindy Paterno
Katie from Dale Terry
Nevaeh from Rico Boy 30
Greta from Pete Finch
Lucy from editorial team member Julie Mierau
Gryphon and Parkour from Alan Hubbard and Mike Duran
Photographer and editor Mike Stensvold has served with Dale in animal ministry and captured these owls in their element. Photo copyright Mike Stensvold
Grand-dog Lexi from Marilyn Lewis
Roxy and Xuber from Gretchen Marie Barry
Archie and Zoe from Rodney Sumpter
Ali from the Russells
Leeloo and Samson from Genevieve Rothchild
Cleo from Chaplain Reina Pudder, RScP
Chai from Rev. Duchess Dale
Zeus from Deborah and Peter Perdue
Commodore from Kari Johnson
Mystic from Temple Hayes, June 2017 cover
Fred from Sylvia Schroeder
Sweet Luna from Patricia Cooper
Jyoti from Tricia Burson-Johnson
Sophie from Lynn Gahman
Dilly, Cleo and Yogi from Reina Pudder
Thanksgiving with Rosie and Buddy from Mark B. Chitjian & Ed Torres
Fionne from Julie Shattuck
Zsazi from Tess Creger
Rumi from Rev. Julie and Tony Lobato
Starsky and Hutch from Kim
Ike from Ann Thacker
Daisy Mae from Suzanne Wilson
Charlotte from Barbara Paul
Harley from Pat and Laura Pederson
Elmo from Ann Thacker
Katie from Vonnie DeCecco
From Kari Stevens
Heidi from Steve Burton and Judy Morley
Izzy, aka Doodle, from Mark O'Leary
Neil my study buddy from Deana Sherry
Petunia's smile from Christine Lockmon
Faolin the Fearless from Teresa Jenkins
Xander from Doug LeBow
Scruffy from Debbie Krovitz
Daisy Cattledog from Holli Sharp
Foxy Lady from Lucy Hogg
Parkour from Alan Hubbard and Mike Duran
From Terry Barnes
Jemma and Maysie from Jenny Illig
Ozzie and Sadie from Sharon Belk-Krebs
Kojak (and Phil Clayton)
Reading from Barbara
Mayweather as a puppy (from Harriett Johnson)
Lucy from Laura Maynor
Liberty from Tanja Smith
Nico and Piper from Gabey Gilblin
Jonah from Sharron Marks
Cat and Mouse from Debby Powell
Harry from Julie Mierau
Rocket from Faith Gustafson
Koda from Sharon Molloy
Frank and Quivertail from Jennifer Runner
Chelsea from Dale Terry
Frannie from Tara Areola
Little No Name from editorial team member Sandy Chapman
Bailey from Marlene Collins
Charlie Marley from Jeff Schiza
George and Stryker from Lisa Cypert
Baby Goats from Sharon Oamek
Riley from Donna Beran
Roo from Gweneth Welch
Bennett from Barbara Fang Babcock
Cookie in the Cucumbers (from Lily and Holli Sharp)
Abby doing yoga from Chelsea McClung
Candi and Charlie from Sharie Davis
From Terry Barnes
Magno from Suzi VanStelten
Elmo from Rev. Ann Thacker
Jazzy and Roxy from Rose Loper
Max from Jill Roberts
Stryker from Lisa Cypert
Bug Blasko
The Girls (Petunia and Kate) from Christine Lockmon

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