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Our Popular Daily Guides

by SOM Magazine

October 2023 Daily Guides by Dr. Ernest Holmes and Rev. Dr. Jesse Jennings

The Daily Guides have always been a beloved section of this publication. Each month, new spiritual guidance is imparted by members of the Centers for Spiritual Living communities. It’s lifelong insight you can’t find anywhere but Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine.

Each day brings two quotes from various wisdom teachers, a personal guide from the author’s life and a powerful affirmation. This daily inspiration has impacted generations of readers.

In case you don’t subscribe, here’s an example of what you’re missing.

Spontaneously Natural

Affirmation: The law of good is continuously operating in my life.

Let us approach the Science of Mind—the science of spiritual psychology—with awe but not with fear; with truly a humble thought but not with a sense that we are unworthy. Let us approach it normally, happily, willing to accept, glad to experiment, hoping and believing that as the result of our efforts we shall each derive a great good—a sound understanding of the natural laws of life, as they apply to the individual and our relationship to the whole universal scheme of things. This is the simple meaning of true metaphysical teaching—the study of life and the nature of the law, governed and directed by thought; always conscious that we live in a spiritual universe; that God is in, through, around and for us. There is nothing supernatural about the study of life from the metaphysical viewpoint. That which today seems to us supernatural, after it is thoroughly understood, will be found spontaneously natural.

— “The Science of Mind,” page 27

That’s a nice balance: awe without fear, humility without groveling. We live as spiritual beings in a spiritual universe, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Nor do we need to. We’re studying life as we go — mostly experientially, by living it, but also intellectually and emotionally, by analyzing and internalizing it.

Another way of saying there is nothing supernatural is that miracles are law-abiding events, the normal and expected result of a certain use of the law of mind. Thoughts are always taking the shape of things, so our role is not to cause this to happen but to become aware that it is happening and to modulate our states of conscious awareness and subconscious activity accordingly.


God knows no distance.
— Charleszetta “Mother” Waddles, Detroit New Thought leader

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