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by SOM Magazine

By Andriette Earl |

My New Vision »

A true benefit of “a new vision” is commensurate with our willingness to see that we had access to it all along. Often we find ourselves, in our new awareness, asking, “How could I have been so blind?” And wondering how we missed the obvious … again.

We are left to search for a cure; something to permanently extricate us from our former perception of situations past, present and anticipated. The book “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM) teaches that nothing we see means anything; everything has only the meaning we assign. Our society has assigned significance and added meaning to skin and hair color, job titles, nationality, sexual orientation, age, gender, etc. History reveals that life unfolds in a unique (if not peculiar) order, and in time, some of our intentions and assigned meanings change.

We ultimately come to embrace a new vision.

I recall how the United States previously had adversarial relationships with countries with which we are now aligned. I look forward to seeing how and when our new vision of Cuba will supplant our former political rhetoric.

I rejoice whenever I hear of family members who, once they realize their beloved son or sister is same-gender loving, are willing to embrace a new vision of inclusion.

I shared many tear-filled moments with millions of “Oprah” viewers when her guests included Congressman John Lewis and Elwin Wilson, the man who apologized privately and on national TV for beating Lewis in Selma, Alabama, on Bloody Sunday in 1965.

In another segment, skinheads spewed venom and then years later returned to apologize, acknowledge their former hatred and declare a new vision and capacity for acceptance. In these examples, we clearly see a new vision manifesting.

I am grateful for Lesson 21 in ACIM: “I am determined to see things differently.” It seems I am beginning to emulate the elders of my youth in my certainty that “in time, even this will change.”

Even during such a time as this, I steadfastly embrace a new vision of love, empathy and acceptance for all people by all of us.

After all, this is what we teach and endeavor to practice, and our true nature is Love.


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