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Six Habits of Wild, Succulent Love!

by SOM Magazine

SARK Shares a New Model for Joy-Full Relationships »

Our July 2016 issue features a very special story by Linda M. Potter on the love between Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (the wildly popular SARK) and her beloved, Dr. John Waddell. Sadly, John made his transition on March 5, 2016. SARK feels the best way to honor John is by sharing the work they did together.
Read their love story in the July 2016 issue of Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine, and practice these six habits that SARK and John discovered in their “love laboratory.”

What are the six habits embraced by people in succulent, wild love relationships?

  1. They listen to their relationship mentor inside them — their Inner Wise Self, Higher Self, Holy Spirit — and take action.
  2. They use their feelings, both as a guide to know when the relationship is off track and to constructively evoke cooperation from others.
  3. They recognize inner critics and other negative dialogue in their head and don’t put this criticism on their partner — or themselves.
  4. They respect their own and their partner’s boundaries.
  5. They create “Joyful Solutions” where no one needs to compromise or sacrifice.
  6. They practice seeing the perfection in their partner and all the other people they’re in a relationship with.

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