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Speedy the 100-year-old Tortoise

by SOM Magazine

Speedy Has Lived an Exciting Life »

Sandy Chapman, a valued member of our editorial team, shared this photo of her family’s beloved tortoise, Speedy. Sandy shares, “My grandfather found him on the desert outside of Los Angeles sometime in the 1920s and gave him to my mother in the 1930s. She named him Speedy, which is really pretty accurate. He moves a lot faster than you’d think, especially when he’s escaping from the yard. Bruce and I got him in 1983, and he now lives with our veterinarian’s assistant. He developed kidney problems and needed more care than we could give him. I’m intending to write a children’s book about him. He’s had a pretty adventurous life for a tortoise!”

Speedy is an amazing reptile friend we celebrate as part of our “For the Love of Pets” special issue. He’s seen below eating his favorite treat, frozen crabapples that have been thawed.

Speedy’s favorite treat is frozen crabapples that have been thawed.

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