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The Inflow of Prosperity

by SOM Magazine

By Petra Weldes

Be Aware of the Inflow of Prosperity in Your Life »

How much time do we spend trying to figure things out? Especially how to increase our prosperity as we endeavor to make more money, get a promotion, earn a lot more business or build up our savings? We can spend a lot of energy trying to get in control or feeling out of control when it comes to money.

Yet, we know that Consciousness is cause. Having a consciousness of prosperity, knowing Spirit as our Source and relying on spiritual practices to demonstrate more prosperity may seem challenging when we say things to ourselves such as we have bills to pay, a child to put through college or a business to grow.

But this is precisely what we must give up, surrender and stop doing. We have to surrender our human need for control, figuring it out or making it happen.

Spiritual living relies on spiritual principles to demonstrate prosperity.

Dr. Ernest Holmes reminds us that living from spiritual truth is “an act of complete surrender of the human to the Divine without the loss of the human. It is an act of complete inflowing of the Divine into the human … .”

Surrendering to the Divine inflow of abundance is the first step in growing our prosperity. Surrendering our need to control or figure it out opens us to the unlimited reality and the unlimited potentiality that lies in the heart of the Divine.

Surrender, then, is not giving up or giving in. Rather, it is stepping aside and allowing the Divine so fully into our consciousness that our life is taken over by Its Presence. Then the unlimited abundance of Spirit demonstrates as our ever-increasing prosperity.

This inflow of prosperity continues to invite us to surrender our need to hold on to it, store it up or hoard it in fear that it won’t be here tomorrow.

Giving, tithing and sharing our good, keeps us from clinging to our limited human ways.

You can give here, today, through the Science of Mind Foundation and help spread the message of this joyous, effortless and powerful way to live!


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