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Media Review: Obvious Power

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Harry Morgan Moses (Published by DeVorss & Co.) |


In “Obvious Power,” Harry Morgan Moses offers 25 habitudes — practical advice for applying Religious Science principles to everyday living. He contemplates the full range of human experience from finding the perfect mate to creating abundance to embracing oneness.

Regarding the habitude, “My every success is born from ideas,” Moses writes, “The currency of the invisible is ideas. Each of us becomes the instrument through which the currency of the invisible (ideas) becomes tangible in the world as form. The moment we proclaim, ‘I am,’ we are automatically cocreators in our universe.”

In one chapter, Moses describes spelunking in the Rocky Mountains at age 15 with his father as a metaphor for venturing into the dark, deep, vast unknown of our own consciousness.

“The challenge with exploring the caves of our own consciousness is that there is no one who can tell us what it will look like, what our discoveries might bring or even how our experience might change as the result of any particular new awareness.”

He goes on to ponder how this spiritual exploration changes us. “Isn’t it interesting how … Albert Einstein found his physics becoming philosophy because his continual quest for knowledge not only changed his thinking, but changed the way he thought?”

He concludes, “Exploring the unknown is perhaps the highest level of our soul’s evolution. For when you get to the edge and jump, you will discover that you will either land on your feet or you will fly.” Practicing these habitudes presents steps in a journey of right action.

— Nancy Anderson


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