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Practical Prosperity

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By Terry Drew Karanen |

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Why does prosperity have to be such an issue for so many of us? How can our beliefs about abundance and unlimited supply help calm our concerns about money? The media constantly bombard us with strategic marketing designed to make us want more stuff. We think buying the product will make us part of the elite, will cause us to get the girl/guy, job or car. Maybe we just want it because, well, we deserve it!

Once we are exposed to the concept of prosperity being all around us, we can suddenly want to experience that in our lives, often in a much greater way than ever before. In our society, we don’t need money to fulfill those desires — we charge it! But, understanding the abundance of the Universe does not include putting ourselves in debt and then expecting God to show up with the needed money.

Dr. J. Kennedy Shultz was quoted as saying, “We don’t need more money; we need a bigger consciousness!” He was right. Prosperity is not something we attain through long hours of study, complicated prayer treatments and perhaps wishful thinking. The prosperity for which so many of us long is all around us. It is ours to receive just as abundantly as the air we breathe or the water in which fish swim.

So how do we move from a consciousness of lack to a life in which we realize the true abundance that is ours? We are required to believe with all our mind, heart and soul that we are the prosperity we seek. We seek to exercise a prudent and responsible attitude with regard to money. And then we do what is perhaps the greatest task: We surrender to the process.

Like it or not, the abundance or apparent lack of prosperity we experience is a direct reflection of our consciousness. If we don’t like the result we see, then it’s time to change our attitude and begin relying on the principles by which we live.

The change may be gradual, but change will come as long as we are open and receptive to having the universe laws in which we believe actually work in our life in amazing ways.

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