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Murphy the Human Whisperer

by SOM Magazine

By Bob Luckin |

His Canine Wisdom Will Leave You Wanting More Each Month »

“Murphy’s Dogma” is a popular column by the beloved Bob Luckin. Follow Murphy and Bob on their adventures in the park and other everyday situations. The lessons they learn together are invaluable for all animals and their humans.

Here’s an example of what Murphy has to share:

A Heart-to-Heart Talk

Most of you know that Rev. Dr. Bob Luckin and I have long talks. What most of you don’t know is that he likes to read me poetry. He thinks I don’t understand, but I do. Poetry is heart music, and heart is something I have a lot of.

Bob has days when he worries and takes negative circumstances too seriously. One day, I sensed he was a little down, so I wrote something for him.

I will share it with you because I think I must do what I can to lift others up. I hope my words encourage you:

The days and nights will always be filled with light, dark, joy, sadness and everything in-between. You bring magic to life. You bring the smiles and laughter that warm the heart.

Love because you can. Laugh until you cry, and cry until all that is left is your smile. Sadness is a storm that can easily overcome you, yet it can never stay in one place very long. Even the greatest storm has no hold on you.

Breathe deeply. Take in all of life — there is no real joy in shallowness. A butterfly embraces the same breeze as an eagle, and a dandelion is rooted in the same ground as the rose.

You are the blossom of possibility, a dream that must come true. You are all that the heart and soul has ever longed to be.


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