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Online Exclusive: Dr. Christiane Northrup

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Christiane Northrup: The Intimate Connection Between Pleasure & God »

NOTE: If you’re looking for the online exclusive from Dr. Christiane Northrup from page 17 of the September 2015 issue of GUIDE FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING: SCIENCE OF MIND, you’ve found it.
Women’s health expert and best-selling author Dr. Christiane Northrup has a surprising message for women: “I want women to know that their sexuality and their spirituality are intimately connected.
“It’s important for women to know about their second chakra, the pelvis. This has nothing to do, by the way, with having sex with somebody. I’m really talking about one’s aliveness; you can feel it in your whole body.”
Northrup notes that women have as much erectile tissue in their bodies as men, but for females it is on the inside. And, she says a woman’s pelvic area is a direct connection to her life force – God.
“You can often use that area of your body as a guidance system. If it feels turned on and it’s kind of tingling, you’re going toward the right thing.”
Northrup goes on to explain that “The Lady Garden,” a term coined by Dr. Sarah Frey, can act as a GPS for women, putting them in touch with their intuition. First, Northrup explains how this part of a woman’s anatomy has been maligned through the ages, starting with the story of Mary Magdalene.
“Mainstream says she was a prostitute. No. She was a disciple of Jesus, a beloved inner circle member, but Peter was just jealous. Women didn’t amount to anything back then, but she was a benefactor with a lot of money. You know there’s a whole gospel of Mary Magdalene but given the patriarchy of the time, she was called a prostitute. We have been taught as women from the youngest age, ‘Don’t come home pregnant.’”
For women, the second chakra has had shame and guilt heaped on it through the generations, but Northrup wants to change that.
“Here’s how you know you’re on the right track [with something in your life]. You might feel literally like you are sexually turned on. And you can teach your body to feel more and more and more with less stimulation.
“Now you look at some of the saints, like St. Teresa of Avila for instance, or let’s look in the Bible, the Song of Songs. They’re talking about spiritual, sexual language — about pleasure — and when you’re in touch with Spirit in that way, your whole body will feel it. It won’t be from the neck up.
“Women’s GPS is very accurate to guide you toward what is most life-enhancing because pleasure is life-enhancing. When we say pleasure we often think of sex, but it can be simply having a pedicure! So, I want women to cultivate the Lady Garden and cultivate the deliberate pursuit of pleasure because it uplifts everything, and it actually will produce nitric oxide in the lining of all of the blood vessels which will balance out hormones. Plus, it will create beta endorphin, dopamine, serotonin — all the things for which way too many women are on psych meds.
“Women need to cultivate their own pleasure and their connection with their entire body. Everything in our culture just shoves that pleasure principle down the sexuality portal. The culture is so starved for genuine “stopping to smell the roses,” for feeling the wind on our skin, for smelling the salt air at the beach. We’re so starved for that, and we can each cultivate that feeling in our own bodies and use it as a direction.”

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