February 2019 Daily Guides by Eugene Holden, RScP  

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Reader favorite and monthly affirmations author, Eugene Holden, helps us remember the truth of our being. We can only receive what we believe and accept, and our good is always at hand.

Your Good

Affirmation: I am open and receptive to revealing my good now. I am the instrument of life. My good flows through me with ease and grace.

Revealing your good is to uncover your good. Uncovering your good takes recognizing that your good was, is and always will be right where you are. Notice that this month’s theme is “Reveal Our Common Good,” not “Find Our Common Good.” You don’t need to look for your good. Your good is at the center of your being. It is who you are.

Revealing your good is about letting go of everything that is not in alignment with you who came here to be. Remember, there is no one on the planet like you. You are a unique expression of the One Life. You are the way that God, Spirit, Universal Intelligence, Life, whatever you choose to call It shows up. You are the way the Infinite Intelligence expresses Itself.

Today is the day you get to reveal your good to the world. Today is the day that we all get to reveal our good to the world. Be willing to allow yourself to come forth.
In the Scripture we read, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.” I believe this could have been written, “God so loved the world that it turned upon Itself, clothed Itself and named Itself you.”


Your positive, optimistic thoughts add to your good more dramatically than compound interest increases your bank account.
— Eric Butterworth

Our acknowledgment of good becomes the good which we acknowledge.
­ — “Living the Science of Mind,” page 8