July 2018 Daily Guides by Linda M. Potter, RScP 

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On July 1, 2018, Linda M. Potter, RScP, ignites our souls with a reminder that we are born whole. We are always good enough in each moment, and thank God.

We Are Born Whole

Affirmation: I am whole, perfect and complete. As a unique expression of Spirit it is impossible for me to be anything less.

A popular affirmation boldly declares, “I am whole, perfect and complete just the way I am.” Powerful stuff. But do we believe it, or are these just words that look good on a sticky note affixed to the bathroom mirror? “Whole, perfect and complete” sets the bar pretty high.
Let’s examine that affirmation one section at a time over the next three days.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says that something that is whole is complete in itself — nothing missing, nothing needed. My former community chose the name Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living, and our community affirmation was, “I trust my whole life to Spirit and my whole spirit to Life.”

Whole was used in two different ways here. First, we claimed that we entrusted all of our human life to Spirit and vice versa. Second, we also affirmed that we entrusted a life that was already whole and complete to Spirit’s care, knowing that in return Spirit, in Its inherent wholeness, was expressing through us. If we are God in microcosm — incarnations of the One Mind — we can be nothing less than whole.

A hologram is the perfect metaphor for how this works. When you cut a hologram of a rose in half, each half contains the whole rose. If you cut that same hologram into eighths, you will end up with eight complete roses. If we think of God as a hologram, no matter how many pieces It is cut into, each piece, no matter how small, is a complete, whole picture of God.

We are born whole and remain whole regardless of external circumstances.


You exemplify wholeness because you are united with everything and everyone around you. You exist to demonstrate that human beings can reach the infinite, and by simply being who you are, you help others get there.

— Deepak Chopra

Life is one perfect Wholeness. The Universe is a unit. God is One.

— “The Science of Mind,” page 463