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by SOM Magazine

June 2021 Daily Guides by Rev. Dr. David Ault 

The Daily Guides have always been a beloved section of this publication. Each month, new spiritual guidance is imparted by members of the Centers for Spiritual Living communities. It’s lifelong insight you can’t find anywhere but Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine.

Each day brings two quotes from various wisdom teachers, a personal guide from the author’s life and a powerful affirmation.

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Rev. Dr. David Ault’s Guides are offerings on the ritual of birth, death and the wild rides in between. Perhaps we are spiraling on a seemingly endless journey of divine commissions, filled with struggles and victories and each individualization of life is designed to return every soul to the full remembrance that all is love for all is God.

Water Your Flowers

Affirmation: My heart is open, and I’m available to receive.

Entrepreneur Ariel Lopez received tens of thousands of responses from the following post: Someone congratulated me recently and I started to deflect after I said thank you. They replied, “I’m going to give you your flowers; you can water them or not.”

This reminded me of toddlers in high chairs. Toys are placed on the tray and then pushed away by flailing arms. A patient guardian picks up the toy and places it back on the tray. It’s pushed off again. It’s picked up and placed on the tray. It’s pushed off again. It’s picked up and placed on the tray.

Our habit of deflecting seems similar. A deflection, by definition, is a turning away. If deflection is habitual, whether done unconsciously or deliberately, it is an act of choosing to create distance from receiving good.

I often reflect on the phrase, “How we do anything is how we do everything.” Each deflection builds on itself, revealing our overall relationship with allowing life’s simplest gifts. A life of deflection entertains suspicions of one’s worth and atrophies our power of welcoming. If we realized that the quality of every transaction directly interfaces with our beliefs of personal worth, would we relish more the myriad of flowers offered: the smile, the compliment, the support?

Trusting in the flow of good becomes less about effort and more about attention. For today, imagine all of life is placing what you need before you. And, just for today, don’t push anything away. Receive the gift. Water your flowers.


After all, you must have the capacity to receive, or even omnipotence can’t give.
— C.S. Lewis
A pail turned on its side cannot be filled with rain from heaven.
­ — Ernest Holmes, “Words That Heal Today,” page 93