April 2021 Daily Guides by Rev. Karen Wylie 

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Rev. Karen Wylie is back with a set of Daily Guides that invite you to lean into the unknown and step forward with confidence and compassion for yourself and others.

No Foolin’

Affirmation: I am here for the healing body, mind and spirit of everyone on this planet and for the healing of Mother Earth.

The outer world is changing. The only thing that is not changing and will never change is the sacred and holy place within you.

Can you see that concepts of right and wrong are constructed by humans? We have to search inside ourselves now to find “the way, the truth and the life.” In that place, you will find the answers to all your questions and the clarity so needed at this time. In that place, we can reconnect to the oneness of all life and the unity of our humanity. In that place, you raise the consciousness and find both the power to rise above any outer circumstance and the peace that enables you to endure any outward condition.

It is your holy essence, that which is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, which has been there since the beginning of time. All the answers lie within you. This is the gift of life—the treasured essence and clarity of your being. You will find it and use it through inner exploration, meditation, quiet walks in nature and being still with the Self. That is the answer for these times we live in.

We cannot count on the outer world to give us what we seek. Our charge then is to realize our oneness with all of life and the peace and harmony that comes from that awareness.


Ye are the light of the world.
— St. Matthew 5:14

A new light is coming into the world.
­ — Ernest Holmes, “The Science of Mind,” page 60