June 2018 Daily Guides by Rev. Jane Beach 

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On June 1, 2018, Rev. Jane Beach reminds us of our inherent Goodness, that we are perfect in this moment and every one to follow. Because we are one with the Divine Power that holds in the planets in place and creates universal expansion. That Power is experiencing Itself as us right now.

I Am Enough

Affirmation:I have always been and always will be good enough, just as I am. Today, I know the completeness of my worth.

Before I owned my power, I was filled with mind messages that told me I must do better because who I was and what I had achieved weren’t good enough. Even after I did do better, I still wasn’t good enough. The Beloved taught me the difference between those old mind games and the truth, which is that I always have been and always will be quite good enough, just as I am.

I lay aside my regrets. None of my experiences were wrong or bad; I am not wrong or bad. All are part of what helped shape who I am today.

When I feel broken, my soul whispers, “Lean on me; I’ll remind you of your wholeness.” When my heart is breaking, my soul pulls me close so that I’ll remember how to heal. When I’ve fallen and don’t know how to get up, it fills me with its strength so that I might stand tall again. Divine love takes every opportunity to show me the completeness of my worth.

In this moment I will just BE. I won’t try to fix anything or anyone. When someone speaks, I’ll listen without thinking about my reply. If someone is crying, I’ll lean into their tears with silent compassion. When I allow myself to be fully what God made me to be, I bring the best of myself to any situation. With gratitude, I hold all of my life in love. Just by showing up, I am enough.


What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.

— Brené Brown

I shall walk with You, my Friend, and shall learn of You the ways of Life and Freedom.

— “The Science of Mind,” page 543