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By Jesse Jennings |

What About Alzheimer’s Disease From a Religious Science Perspective?

For decades, our readers have turned to Jesse Jennings for answers to the tough questions about Religious Science.
Here is an example of how Jennings meets readers with compassion, wisdom and Truth:


Some spiritual teachers assign specific mental causes to physical conditions. Two close family members have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. What might be the cause?


I am knowing for you strength and peace as you care for your relatives while they are experiencing this, and I’m sure anyone reading this is also sending you a silent blessing.

You are never alone. I’m sure you know about support groups for families and similar resources, but I also mean you are invisibly, intangibly supported by Spirit (as are they).

Assigning specific causes to conditions is not a practice I recommend. No matter how much experience we have in metaphysical service, none of us knows why anybody else’s reality appears the way it does.

It’s a life’s work just to know why we ourselves manifest particular outcomes. Arriving at how another person caused — or worse, invited — some disease is not comforting to us and can be truly shaming to them.

It is human to speculate, provided our speculations are kindly, but seldom if ever do we get to know.

I wish I could tell you how to cure your loved ones, but instead I’ll offer this about holding the situation in light. Both are expressing life unconventionally, perhaps now forgetful and uncommunicative, but they have not vanished, nor will they.

They are still conscious beings, still at the center of the universe. Where exactly their attention now is, we cannot fathom. Perhaps it has wandered off into the realm it will next inhabit — that after spending a while in space and time, these souls are being drawn into their place of origin, which is beyond both space and time.

Mind, being infinite, cannot withdraw from any part of Itself. Yet our personality, always at choice deep inside, can lead us to process information and express ourselves differently than we ever did.

Again, may I say that you are not alone. Prayer works. Some corner is always turned by going into prayer and realizing that a power greater than any condition is at work.


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