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Publisher and editor Rev. Dr. David Goldberg is joined by Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes and Rev. Karen Fry from CSLDallas.

The beautiful couple graces our June 2019 cover in a feature by Julie Mierau about creating radical inclusion in a spiritual community.

Please look for these other highlights in the expansive June 2019 issue (136 pages of inspiration):

  • Get your pet fix in our annual special section devoted to your “Beloved Pets” (visit the photo gallery here)
  • The Daily Guides from reader favorites Murphy the Human Whisperer and Rev. Dr. Bob Luckin
  • Kathy Juline helps us be “Unburdened & Uplifted: The Call to Prayer”
  • Carol Wilke presents her third feature in our “Recovery” series, “The Grace of Recovery”
  • Trish Hall gives us guidance on exercising the power to control our perceptions of life’s circumstances in “Unshackled: Life Without Fear”
  • Dennis Merritt Jones is back with “Lessons From My Master Teacher” (his sweet dog, Mac Doodle)
  • Diana Ensign, a new author to our pages, shares her powerful journey through grief in “One Love: Seeing Others With a Compassionate Heart”
  • Swati Singh takes us on an inner journey with “The Quest for Happiness”
  • From the Science of Mind Archives and Library Foundation, publication founder Dr. Ernest Holmes explores “The Power of Creative Consciousness.”
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Check out Rev. Dr. David Goldberg’s conversation with Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes and Rev. Karen Fry using Zoom technology, live from Golden, Colorado, and CSLDallas:

Posted by Science of Mind magazine on Monday, June 3, 2019