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Publisher and editor Rev. Dr. David Goldberg is joined by Cheri and Ben Jamison, RScP, the first couple to write the monthly Daily Guides together.

Please look for these other highlights in the July 2019 issue:

  • In “One Giant Leap,” Holli Sharp takes us on a spiritual journey through space and the human imagination, from the 50th anniversary of the historic moon landing to the first black hole photos.
  • Reader favorite Eugene Holden asks us to “Create, Reveal and Express” divinity: We are always at choice in the direction we take.
  • Past editor Kathy Juline brings us “Burning Bright: Directing Your Creative Power for Good.”
  • Julie Mierau introduces us to Good Morning America’s longtime stage manager Eddie Luisi and his service to the world through social media and Friends in the Spirit 111.
  • Margaret Stortz, writing for the magazine for more than 50 years, reminds us that “We Are Always Creative.”
  • Terry Cole-Whittaker brings us a full feature on “Having Empowering and Enriching Relationships.”
  • From the lost Science of Mind Archives, publication founder Dr. Ernest Holmes helps us unlock “The New Freedom.”
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Engage in the candid and powerful conversation between Rev. Dr. David Goldberg and Cheri and Ben Jamison, RScP: