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Publisher and editor Dr. David Goldberg engages in a candid conversation with Rev. Masando Hiraoka and Nick Hemmert, RScP, both featured on the August 2018 cover as part of our focus on “The Next Gen Bunch,” emerging leaders of the New Thought movement. Also honored on the cover are Rev. Brian Akers, Rev. Abigail Schairer, Rev. Erin McCabe, Rev. Kevin Ross, Rev. Amanda Ganley and Jeffon Seely.

This is our annual “A World That Works for Everyone” issue, and we bring you uplifting stories and mind-bending perspectives, including:

  • 31 Daily Guides by reader favorite Rev. David Ault
  • Millennial Morgan Smith with a feature on elevating the Youth Congress for Sustainable Americas
  • Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes and her second article in a three-part series on diversity and inclusion, “Including Those Who Don’t Include Us”
  • Barbara Doern Drew and Walter Drew work together to bring you the story of Craig Hamilton and “The Evolutionary Self”
  • Dr. Ernest Holmes shares how we can reach a state of consciousness above the level of our confusion through love, givingness and peace
  • Rev. Dr. John Waterhouse is back with a feature on our theme, “A World That Works Starts With You
  • Trisha Gance, RScP, helps us unlock the ancient practice of wisdom healing Qigong with Master Mingtong Gu
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Watch the latest Facebook Live video filmed with Rev. Dr. David Goldberg, Rev. Masando Hiraoka and Nick Hemmert, RScP:

Publisher and editor Dr. David Goldberg is joined live by Rev. Masando Hiraoka and Nick Hemmert, RScP, to introduce the August 2018 issue, “A World That Works for Everyone.” This month, we turn the spotlight on New Thought’s emerging leaders.

Posted by Science of Mind magazine on Wednesday, August 1, 2018