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As you’re reading Science of Mind magazine, are you learning new ideas to improve your life? Have some of our writers’ thoughts taken you into a state of deep contemplation or greater awareness? Now there is a way to further expand on what you’re learning.

The concept is simple. You invite a small circle of friends to discuss the ideas on living a spiritual life as described within the pages of Science of Mind magazine. We provide you with ongoing free materials via email to support your conversations!

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You’ll receive by email free weekly discussion guides featuring one article from the current edition of Science of Mind that contain ideas and questions prepared by a team of Science of Mind ministers. These guides are designed to take you and your circle members more deeply into the concepts being presented.

Spiritual Living Circles

Diving Deeper Into Science of Mind

Judy Kuhl hosts a Spiritual Living Circle in South Bend, Ind. With no Center for Spiritual Living community nearby, Judy set the intention of starting a discussion group at some point. When she found the circle program, she thought it was a perfect fit and says it was not hard to put a group together.

“The structure and format really appealed to me,” she said. “I had about 25 people that I could contact. I either contacted them personally or sent them a letter. About eight to 10 people started coming regularly. We meet twice a month on the first and third Thursdays.” Kuhl now hosts two circles; one during the day and one in the evening to accommodate people’s schedules.

Kuhl’s groups meet around her large kitchen table, a setting she finds perfect for creating the right energy. A few days before they meet, Kuhl reviews her issue of Science of Mind and picks articles to discuss. She then lets her group know a couple days beforehand so they can review the next discussion questions.

“A lot of them come with their questions already answered, which is great because it shows they do read the material. They will highlight the articles and come with notes on things they want to talk about even if they are not covered in the guides. We did some agreements in the beginning, to keep things confidential, to keep things in the present moment and discuss only how things apply to our lives right now,” Kuhl says, which has helped the group maintain their focus of “moving forward in our lives.”

Unexpected Benefits

Kuhl points out that her group has also benefited in unexpected ways. “We’ve had an individual who went through the process of dealing with the transition of a loved one during the time we’ve been having our group, and she has expressed how important this support was to her. I think the Spiritual Living Circle program is one of the greatest things you guys have ever done.”

New Spiritual Living Circles are forming every week!

Many are reporting that their circles are taking them deeper by combining the contents of Science of Mind magazine with the connection of spiritual community. To sign up, visit or email us at