Sacred Covenant: Science of Mind Magazine Publishing Team »

Each month, our dedicated publishing team brings you this magazine. It is a 92-year-old ministry we take seriously.

Before every team meeting, together we read this sacred covenant of our intentions. We share it with you, dear readers, so you have a sense of our hearts of service and mission in the world.

In the beginning was The Word. We embody that Creative Word in quiet confidence and with complete faith.
— John 1:1 and Dr. Ernest Holmes

Our purpose is abundance. Our vision is illuminating the journey of magnificence.

Our Intentions:

  1. We are the Light of Creativity, transforming and balancing all we do and all we are.
  2. We nurture ourselves and all with authentic and respectful communication.
  3. 3. We are evolution at play!
  4. We gratefully accept the extraordinary and continual expansion of Science of Mind in the world.
  5. We are fully supported and financially prospered in the fulfillment of this covenant.

As we now accept the highest expression of the Publishing Team into our lives, we know that it is revealed to us in a way that fully expresses God and serves the highest and greatest good of all who are touched by its unfoldment. We are grateful God is gracious.