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Each month, we publish an excerpt from the vast wisdom collection of New Thought luminary, Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of the Religious Science movement. The monthly teachings from Holmes are then summarized by Rev. Dr. David Alexander, community spiritual leader of New Thought Center for Spiritual Living in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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Below is his December 2018 “Philosophy in Action” column:

A lot has been written about forgiveness over the centuries. Forgiveness seems to be an essential practice to just about all major religions and spiritual practices. Why is forgiveness so necessary and emphasized by all spiritual paths? It is essential because it is the cleansing practice that keeps our hearts open to the vibration of love, our inherent nature.

Part of the human condition is experiencing painful events, things that cause us grief, disappointment, hurt and sorrow. Painful events crack open our hearts, and there is a tendency when we feel pain to want to resolve it, make sense of it and then put everything back, suturing up our hearts and just going back to doing life. But as it turns out, no matter how many times we do this, something will crack open our hearts again.

I’ve come to learn that our hearts are meant to be open and that closing them off for fear we get hurt again … this only hurts ourselves. You see, at its core, forgiveness is about releasing the demands and expectations that block the path of love. Love is our essential nature, and anything that gets in the way of us being a place where love flows is a block that must eventually be removed in order to realize our full potential.

We are here to heal together. We are here to build together. We are here to love together. We will continue to experience pain and suffering in the human condition if we form excuses, reasons and justifications in our minds to not work together.

The infinite intelligence of universe will continue to bring to us experiences that break our hearts open so we can remember that we are deeply, intrinsically one.
The profound challenge for humanity is to keep the heart open and remember that we can never be separate. We can move forward from that place of understanding into a more compassionate and just world.

Travel well.