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Each month, we publish an excerpt from the vast wisdom collection of New Thought luminary, Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of the Religious Science movement. The monthly teachings from Holmes are then summarized by Rev. Dr. David Alexander, spiritual director of Spiritual Living Center Atlanta.

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Below is his April 2021 “Philosophy in Action” column:

There is a line in “The Science of Mind” textbook about the “soft tread of the unseen guest,” and in this month’s article, Dr. Ernest Holmes expands on that profound imagery.

Perhaps you can relate personally — or certainly see it expressed in our collective culture — when he speaks of too much vision of the world that has failed to reach its goal or been blasted on the rocks of uncertainty, fear and washed up on the shores of disbelief.

There is in every generation and every century a pressing need for hope, a crying out or longing to connect with a better version of what’s possible. In ways both big and small, we have all felt tossed in the tempest sea. Even so, it is here in turbulent times when we find our compass and guidance in spiritual practice.

The tools for personal and global transformation offered in the Science of Mind philosophy are the lighthouse on our journey. The perennial truth we hold dear is that no matter where we find ourselves at any one moment in life’s journey, there is a larger self, an unseen guest — what I like to call the Authentic Self, ever available to us.

This Authentic Self is the spiritual being we truly are. It has never left us and has never been lost, damaged, abused or misused in anyway. While learning to turn to it in our dark night is a most welcomed saving grace, our real opportunity and privilege is to develop a practice whereby we invite it into our conscious awareness every day.

This can be done through affirmative prayer, meditation, affirmations and expanded awareness through the breath. Never again do we need to go it alone. Never again do we need to fear not fitting in, belonging or knowing what decision is in our best interest.

“Behold, I am ever with you, as you and in you.” Such a practice becomes the measure of our spiritual growth. Is there anything more worthy to nurture in the garden of your mind?

Travel well.