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This is our theme each August and the mission of Centers for Spiritual Living. To that end, Daily Guides writer Rev. David Ault says, “Our decision to be vigilant in kindness and instruments of care peels back longstanding veils of separation that keep our world cloaked in illusory darkness. … It is time for all professed oneness believers to report for duty.”

How will you report for duty? What actions do you take to be vigilant in kindness?

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In mindfulness, I am kind to myself, which flows out into my world as kindness to others.
— Ginger Lee Snapp

“Actions speak louder than words,” and for that, I can be vigilant in kindness, not only in words but through actions. Kindness is what humanity needs, especially at this time. Kindness to fellow human beings and an attitude of kinship with all of life is one of the greatest things anyone can do for the benefit of oneself, others and all of humanity.
— Rommel E. Maderal

I focus on what I am grateful for. I realize that all who are in my “focus” are there for a reason, so I do not ignore those messages. An example is when I heard that the teachers who died in the Texas school shooting were substitute teachers. I also substitute teach, so this hit home. I did make a donation. I am sure the amounts they collected helped their family. We are all connected.
— Marlene Hascall Armfield

How will I show up? As I commute to work in a rural setting, in silence, no radio, I observe the passing scenery and remember how blessed I am to be where I am. I affirm that everyone I come in contact with each day will be treated with respect and kindness from me, and I feel gratitude for having Spirit in my life to share. Blessings.
— Noni Robson Belland

I’m kind to myself by stepping into the garden, noticing the colors and textures of flowering plants — and being happy and grateful that the same amazing nature behind the beauty I see is also a beauty in and through me.
— Mike J. Searles