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Our Facebook Friends share how their pets enrich their lives and inform their spirituality.

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Our pets are more than animals. They are an extension of ourselves. They have chosen us, and we haven chosen them, to come along and join us on this wild Thing Called Life. Most of us educate ourselves on the responsibilities of caring for our animals, and that is something we should all learn to do. Our lives certainly change when we welcome pets into our homes and take ownership of them. We are agreeing to care for their every need and to nurture them. By adopting an animal, how we spend our time and the simplicity of leaving our homes whenever we so choose does indeed alter, but the reward can certainly be much greater. When we care for our pets, they care for us in return, as it is Law. We love and are loved and that, my friend, is the greatest gift of them all.

— Jennifer Tencza Picinic

I’m a doggy mommy. Over the years, they have loved me when I couldn’t love myself. They keep me grounded. While some have crossed the rainbow bridge and new ones have adopted me, my life would not be the same without them. I am so glad they choose me to be their mommy.

— Pamela O’Kane

The idea that love conquers all. My little Rat Terrier (Chloe) had been severely abused and ran away. She was afraid of everything. Now she even wags her tail while having her nails trimmed.

— Mary Jarrett

Unconditional love. My pups are both rescues — they rescued us!

— Shannon Frazier Jeneral

All of our pets through the years have been rescues. They have all gotten along together and have been great companions. One touching moment occurred when our dog Cruiser was lying by our bed. We knew he was getting ready to cross the rainbow bridge. One of our cats came in with a toy in his mouth and laid it next to Cruiser. If anyone doubts animals have feelings or sense death and can offer comfort, I am a witness to it. They are truly faithful and give unconditional love.

— Maureen Geib