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Big Changes Coming This Fall

by SOM Magazine

We have important news for you, dear readers. We’re on a quest to save this magazine.

Over the past three years, the cost of printing and postage has taken its toll. We are seeing a loss every month despite a reduction in staff and cutting most other expenses. In this economic climate, it’s a challenge facing even the largest and best-known magazines. 

After months of discussion with Centers for Spiritual Living leadership, we have an innovative solution we feel is a positive change all around.

We’ll print double issues beginning with the September/October 2023 edition. You’ll receive the same amount of content, for the same price, while helping us ensure the magazine sees its 100th birthday in 2027. Digital subscribers will have access to monthly content, so no changes there.

We become better stewards of the planet by saving paper, ink and envelopes. We decrease our carbon footprint by shipping only six times a year. And while change can be uncomfortable, we invite you to embrace the benefits and see a sustainable, thriving future for the magazine Ernest Holmes founded.

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