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By David Alexander |

An Invitation to Our True Nature »

Each month, we publish an excerpt from the vast wisdom collection of New Thought luminary, Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of the Religious Science movement. The monthly teachings from Holmes are then summarized by Rev. Dr. David Alexander, spiritual director of Spiritual Living Center Atlanta.

You can check out his inspirational website at RevDavidAlexander.com.

Below is his December 2021 “Philosophy in Action” column:

As we enter the final month of 2021, we enter a time of reflection, metaphor and becoming, for it is deep in the dark winter months that renewal begins. And it begins with reflection on all that has been.

In our time and age, we may wonder about all that confronts us socially and collectively. The pandemic has not only lasted much longer than any of us anticipated, it has also challenged us more than we ever could have guessed. Relationships have been strained; the collective will to serve a common good has been tested and tried as it was in the time when Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote this month’s feature. It seems we are living in a time of turmoil when both our outer and inner lives are in a state of confusion.

As we can see by reading Holmes’ words from more than 60 years ago, our circumstances and the feelings we have about them are not as unique as we may think. Humanity has been here before and will likely be so again. It all serves to clarify what our role is in the midst of it.

Everything that seems to challenge us on the outside is but an invitation to investigate the nature of our relationship with the power on the inside. Consciousness is all there is, and it moves through an intelligent law to express itself as our experiences. As we journey with this awareness, we should remove from our consciousness any idea that God is a person. Holmes tell us that “God is not a person, yet God is more than a principle” In truth, God is what we make it, because God can only be reflected in the relationship we have with the Infinite Intelligence of the universe. God is our relationship with The Thing Itself.

As such, it is both the task and the dignity of human thought to inquire as to the quality of our relationship. If God is all there is, then why is it humanity seems to be on an eternal journey or quest?

The answer is all around us. Birds don’t sign up for “discover your inner chirp” seminars. Trees don’t long for the “healing your inner sapling intensive.” We do that. Humanity forgets it can’t be separated from the all. God can’t be separated from Itself.

No matter what the conditions look like on the outside, that is a truth we must each make for ourselves.

Travel well.

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