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Each month, we publish an excerpt from the vast wisdom collection of New Thought luminary, Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of the Religious Science movement. The monthly teachings from Holmes are then summarized by Rev. Dr. David Alexander, spiritual director of Spiritual Living Center Atlanta.

You can check out his inspirational website at RevDavidAlexander.com.

Below is his March 2023 “Philosophy in Action” column:

This month, Dr. Ernest Holmes speaks to a core tenant of our philosophy and likely a common factor that attracts many of us to Science of Mind: self-discovery, the journey of revealing our authentic expression. In a world constantly trying to get us to fit into neat boxes of categorization, the pull for self-expression is strong. It makes sense that this aspect of our teaching has served as a beacon of attraction.

Some believe this “self-discovery” focus has come at the cost of awareness to our communal responsibilities — advocating and working toward a world that works for all. It would be a mistake to say that all one needs do is “discover themselves,” and everything else will take care of itself. What makes us unique is the Universal Presence behind each person. It is One Intelligence seeking expression through infinite channels. In this way, we come to understand that while we are all unique, we are all one.

Now you may ask, “Why is this important? Why can’t I just discover my unique self and leave it at that?” Because there are forces at work to make you into someone you are not. There are also forces at work seeking to categorize humanity into groups that can be used to restrict rights, discriminate or subjugate.

Our power as spiritual beings is two-fold. First, we are unique expressions. No one is exactly like you, and you have a wholly unique contribution to make to the world. This is, as Holmes identified, one of the greatest discoveries we can make — to find, articulate and bring forward our gifts and expressions.

The second aspect of our power as spiritual beings is that we are one with all — all life, all expression comes from the One Intelligence. This means we can never be divided, separated or subjugated in the spiritual sense, yet there is much inequity expressed in the world.

As individuals, not one of us would tolerate being treated as less than. When we awaken to the power of our oneness and stand in solidarity with those who experience inequity or injustice, we leap forward in our capacity to manifest a world that works for all.

Travel well.

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