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By David Alexander |

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Each month, we publish an excerpt from the vast wisdom collection of New Thought luminary, Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of the Religious Science movement. The monthly teachings from Holmes are then summarized by Rev. Dr. David Alexander, spiritual director of Spiritual Living Center Atlanta.

You can check out his inspirational website at RevDavidAlexander.com.

Below is his September 2021 “Philosophy in Action” column:

In this month’s feature, Dr. Ernest Holmes speaks of a lofty goal likely held by each of us: attaining true happiness or what he calls “permanent happiness.” He says this only comes from a deep well and inner sense of being, a place of connection with the Infinite. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Yet if you were to scan the self-help section of your local bookstore or examine all the marketing on TV, radio and in print, you’d see this quest is viewed as both elusive and costly. Perhaps even in your own mind there is some form of doubt, questioning or rebuttal to the concept of inner happiness. Well, if that were the case, you certainly would not be alone. Let’s take a closer look at what Holmes suggests for us.

First, Holmes acknowledges that conditions do exist. It is true that suffering, poverty and unhappiness are common experiences in the human condition. But these conditions are not
the divine will for anyone’s life.

The story of the prodigal son illuminates this perfectly. While the son experienced lack and limitation, his father’s house and the good available to him remained untouched. But we must do more than just turn away from negative thinking or conditions — we must also learn to draw upon a deeper source.

Drawing upon a deeper source does not translate as dismissal of conditions; in fact, as the story of Jesus meeting the women at the well shows us, it’s just the opposite.

It’s in full recognition and acknowledgment of cultural and societal conditions that we invite ourselves and those around us to draw upon the eternal wellspring within.

Say to yourself: I recognize the ways in which the world seeks to hypnotize me into fear, lack, limitation and scarcity. And even still, in this very breath I breathe, I choose to be fulfilled by the inner source and substance of my being. In doing so, I become a radiating presence of good for all those around me. My joy, prosperity, happiness and fulfillment are contagious. And so it is.

Travel well.

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