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May 2023 Daily Guides by Rev. Joanne McFadden

The Daily Guides have always been a beloved section of this publication. Each month, new spiritual guidance is imparted by members of the Centers for Spiritual Living communities. It’s lifelong insight you can’t find anywhere but Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine.

Each day brings two quotes from various wisdom teachers, a personal guide from the author’s life and a powerful affirmation. This daily inspiration has impacted generations.

In case you don’t subscribe, here’s an example of what you’re missing.

Think a New Thought

Affirmation: I challenge my long-standing beliefs to determine their worthiness in my belief system. When one doesn’t work for me, I choose to think a new thought that reflects my true nature. 

When Florence Merriam Bailey entered the field of ornithology, her contemporaries studied dead birds. This, coupled with a fashion trend to wear hats adorned with dead bird carcasses or their feathers, which resulted in the death of about 5 million birds per year, set Bailey on a path to become a new kind of ornithologist. She had a better idea: Study live birds in their natural habitats. She completely revolutionized the field.

In 1889 at age 26, she penned her first book, “Birds Through an Opera Glass,” in which she wrote, “The student who goes afield armed with opera-glass and camera will not only add more to our knowledge than he who goes armed with a gun, but will gain for himself a fund of enthusiasm and a lasting store of pleasant memories.” She took women birdwatching to help them appreciate wild birds, discouraging them from wearing dead ones. This resulted in Congress passing legislation to protect birds.

Bailey simply refused to accept the premise that the way to study birds was after they were dead. Instead, she chose a new thought, shared it passionately and completely changed the consciousness around birds. Today, not one ornithologist would consider killing a bird to study it.

What widely held, limiting beliefs might you have accepted? What new page could you turn by simply thinking a new thought about what is possible?


We can readily see how a whole race might be caught in the meshes of its own thought emanations and, through this drowsy ignorance of the human ego, remain there throughout eternity, unless a break were made in the structure and the light of a higher way let in.
— Charles Fillmore, “Talks on Truth,” page 165

When thought reaches a higher degree of perfection, as the race consciousness unfolds and evolves, it will bring out a still greater development of life than we know now.
— Ernest Holmes, “The Science of Mind,” page 198.1

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