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by SOM Magazine

January 2023 Daily Guides by Rev. Dr. Marilyn Leo 

The Daily Guides have always been a beloved section of this publication. Each month, new spiritual guidance is imparted by members of the Centers for Spiritual Living communities. It’s lifelong insight you can’t find anywhere but Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine.

Each day brings two quotes from various wisdom teachers, a personal guide from the author’s life and a powerful affirmation.

In case you don’t subscribe, here’s an example of what you’re missing.

Live the Life of Your Ideal Person

Affirmation: Through the Spirit of the Divine Presence, there is a continuous creative flow of good in my life.

Today is new. Another year begins. Opportunities stand in front of us, waiting to be seen. Creation waits to be acknowledged and used. How are we going to use this opportunity? Of course, this is not the only time to make new creations or different decisions, for we can do that at any moment of our life. But why not make this the moment for change? It is time for choice.

Ask yourself, “Am I experiencing optimum health?” Make a declaration to eat healthy and get plenty of sleep and exercise. Imagine all of your organs functioning perfectly, blood circulating unimpeded and all areas of your body and its functions working together in harmony.

Ask yourself, “Is there enough love expressing in my life? Are friends and relatives feeling my acceptance, kindness and love toward them?” Is the reverse true for you? Do you feel others’ acceptance, kindness and love? Let’s learn to express our love more outwardly, not only with words but also with actions.

When we experience love from within, we will be prosperous, healthy in mind and body, and have our perfect employment or activities and friends. We will revel in an abundance of wonder all around us. We will enjoy the beauty that surrounds us: a child’s giggle, a bird’s song and even airplanes flying overhead. We will be content and at peace.


Creation is continuous. We exist in a continuum of creative process.
— Raymond Charles Barker, “The Power of Decision,” page 14

In actual practice, we must claim our Divine Company … that the business of life is good — active, happy, whole.
— Ernest Holmes, “Your Spiritual Power,” page 46

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