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by SOM Magazine

September 2021 Daily Guides by Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson

The Daily Guides have always been a beloved section of this publication. Each month, new spiritual guidance is imparted by members of the Centers for Spiritual Living communities. It’s lifelong insight you can’t find anywhere but Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine.

Each day brings two quotes from various wisdom teachers, a personal guide from the author’s life and a powerful affirmation.

In case you don’t subscribe, here’s an example of what you’re missing.
Rev. Dr. Raymont Anderson vulnerably shares his life experiences and the wisdom gained to lift your consciousness higher throughout the month of September.

Reaching Higher

Affirmation: I reach higher because God is ever-expanding consciousness, and what It is I am. My words, my feelings, my life demonstrate this expansion.

To discuss the scope of what it means to reach higher, we must be willing to look at where we are and where we’ve been. Higher implies there must be or must have been a lower. This lower, for example, is the history of South Africa when apartheid was the law and the history of the United States when chattel slavery was the law. Lower is the consciousness where we are governed by lack, scarcity and fear. Lower does not mean we do not feel or experience these conditions. Rather, it means we do not live, move and have our beingness from them.

What then is this “higher” that we are reaching for?

Higher can be stated in the words we so often speak and write: a world that works for all. Simple, yet manifesting it seems to be quite the collective challenge because many are unwilling to address the mental, emotional, cultural, political and spiritual baggage that even we in New Thought are still affected by.

Pause before you are derailed by that word “political.” Read Centers for Spiritual Living’s global vision: “We envision a world where personal responsibility joins with social conscience in every area of the political, corporate, academic and social sectors, providing sustainable structures to further the emerging global consciousness.”

Reaching higher is the action that makes the intent a reality. Is this not why we say, “Treat and move our feet”? The era of being the best kept secret is no more.


Always … dreaming. Of higher, further, faster … . Always more. … The Lord put us here to punch holes in the sky. And when the soul is born with that kind of purpose … it’ll damn sure find a way. We’re gonna get where we’re going, you and me. … And we will be the stars we were always meant to be.”

— Kelly Sue DeConnick, “Captain Marvel, Volume 1: In Pursuit of Flight”

Evolution is the emergence of that which already is in form, in an ever-upward spiraling.

— Ernest Holmes, “Beverly Hills Lectures,” page 100

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