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Love: The Art of Being Human

by SOM Magazine

By Masando “Mike” Hiraoka, RScP  | 

Respond With Love and See What Unfolds »

Sometimes it’s easy — especially after being a part of the Science of Mind teaching — to feel like I am in total and complete control of everything that happens in my life.
I like to think that if I can just keep the right, positive mindset, everything will be easy and happy and filled with rainbows and unicorns and Turkish delight. Yet inevitably, I am reminded that there are aspects of life — like the loss of a loved one or transitions of any kind — that are simply out of my control, that throw me into feelings of sadness, discomfort, anger or despair. I am reminded that this being human is filled with both joy and sadness, with both happiness and sorrow.
There are things that can be counted on and things that are absolutely unexpected. And yet, that somehow, all of it is a gift from beyond, beyond our emotions, beyond our ego, beyond our need for control. And it’s through this realization that I come to know that it is okay that there are some things out of my control. The only thing I can control is how I respond to this often wild and mysterious world. I can choose to respond with Love.
To respond with Love means to allow life and its unexpectedness to take us deeper into ourselves and discover a greater life happening beneath the surface. Love is a conscious surrender. Underneath our plans, underneath our need for control, there is a deeper life waiting to emerge.
Though the feelings that accompany change can often be uncomfortable or even overwhelming, to respond with Love means that even within the chaos, Love is still present, Love is still with you. Love will guide you, It will protect you and allow you to experience all that life brings. Love is what will allow you to respond from a place of acceptance and deep peace.

Ultimately, when you respond with Love, you are also responding to Love, and when you respond to Love, Love responds to you, creating doors where there were only walls, creating light where only darkness was felt.


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