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5 Points of Power to Live Debt-Free

by SOM Magazine

From Rev. Dr. John B. Waterhouse (from his “Law of Circulation” column in our September 2015 issue) »
To live a debt-free life, my wife, Dr. Barbara Waterhouse, and I use these five Points of Power ideas assembled by Tolley Berkan:

  1. I always pay attention.  This means I maintain awareness of what I am experiencing, thinking, saying and doing. When I am paying attention, I’m never caught off guard by the actions of others, nor will I become reactive to those actions.
  2. I always tell the truth and tell it quickly. Most judgments held in mind tend to fester and grow like a cancer. When someone’s actions seem confusing or inappropriate, I lovingly share my perspective. When done in an honoring way, communication opens between us and we are able to relate with clarity and honesty.
  3. I always ask for what I want, when I want it. Unexpressed desires create inner turmoil and frustration. Desires expressed clearly and lovingly are the essence of effective communication. It’s often our inner critic that doesn’t think we should ask. You may be surprised at how much more you can achieve in life when you’re honest about what you want.
  4. I always take total responsibility for my experience. Most judgments are based on the premise that someone has done something to us.  Such a notion is severely disempowering. When we take responsibility for our experiences no matter what, we are empowered to change those experiences by thinking different thoughts that create different outcomes.
  5.  I always keep my agreements. Agreements are sacred trusts. When we don’t keep agreements, we burden ourselves with self-judgment and invite others to think less of us. Being reliable allows us to rely on life by equal measure.


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