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Publisher and editor Dr. David Goldberg and Steve Burton, executive director for Centers for Spiritual Living, invite you into our expanded October 2017 issue. Our cover features Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of this magazine 90 years ago. The life work of Holmes has touched and transformed this planet because he courageously chose to seek truth in all faith paths.

Marilyn Leo, who grew up knowing Holmes and his beloved wife, Hazel, shares insights into the humanity of the founder of Religious Science. The wisdom of Holmes is joined by some of your favorites this month:

  • Margaret Stortz, “Secure in the Spirit”
  • Eugene Holden, “There Is One Life”
  • Daily Guides by Holmes (as curated by Jesse Jennings)
  • Kent Rautenstraus, “Mandy Harvey: Always Try”
  • Mark Gilbert, “The Heart of Peace Initiative” (global prayer and transformation)
  • Terry Drew Karanen, “Embrace Safety in an ‘Unsafe’ World”

We also have a special section devoted to your body, mind and spirit with new authors Dani DiPirro on “Cultivating Self-Love During Pain” and Elliott Robertson on “Releasing Bitterness: An Exercise You Can Use Daily.”

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October marks our 90th year in publication.❤️ Join publisher and editor Dr. David Goldberg and Steve Burton, Executive Director of Centers for Spiritual Living, for a preview of our extended October anniversary issue.

Posted by Science of Mind magazine on Thursday, September 28, 2017