Peace and Prosperity for All »

Publisher and editor Dr. David Goldberg invites you into your November 2017 issue. Our cover features Dr. Jane Goodall with an impactful story by Julie Mierau and cover photography by Phil Hardy. Also in this issue:

  • Sara Awad takes us to Nairobi, Kenya, to see Centers for Spiritual Living in action.
  • The Daily Guides are by reader favorite, Rev. Dr. Christian Sorensen, author of the “Joyous Journals” trilogy with Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes.
  • We offer a tribute to Louise Hay, former Science of Mind columnist and world-renowned author of “You Can Heal Your Life.”
  • Carol Burbank, Ph.D., explores “When the Floods Come” in her “Spirituality & Leadership” column.
  • Rev. Masando Hiraoka shares a vulnerable column about “Peace, Prosperity and Privilege.”
  • New voices Arthur Johnson and Kate Jegede offer fresh perspectives on the monthly theme and practical spiritual tools.

The month of October concludes our 90th anniversary celebration. As we enter a new decade for the magazine, please consider celebrating with us:

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Live from the headquarters of Centers for Spiritual Living in Golden, Colorado — Watch the latest Facebook Live video from Dr. David Goldberg and Steve Burton:

Live! Your introduction to the November 2017 issue of Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine. Join Dr. David S. Goldberg for a look into "Peace and Prosperity for All."

Posted by Science of Mind magazine on Monday, October 30, 2017