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Publisher and editor Dr. David Goldberg and Judy Morley, Ph.D. invite you into the March 2018 issue featuring Dr. Jacob Liberman (on light and healing) and Dr. Joe Dispenza (supernatural science). These exclusive interviews are brought to us by reader favorites Linda M. Potter and Morley (on Dispenza).

  • The Daily Guides are written by Eugene Holden, RScP, who is celebrating 10 years of writing for the magazine.
  • Dr. Ernest Holmes shares how we can solve our problems with a meditation for renewal.
  • The New Thought Channel celebrates its one-year anniversary in a feature by Julie Mierau.
  • New author Linda Dierks helps us find the courage to grow through adversity.
  • Margaret Stortz shares her perennial wisdom in “Can We Really Know the Truth? Divine Patterns, Not Plans.”
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March confidently into your greatest life yet with our next issue, featuring Dr. Jacob Lieberman and Dr. Joe Dispenza on the cover. Publisher and editor Rev. Dr. David Goldberg talks to Rev. Dr. Judy Morley about her deep work with Dispenza’s supernatural techniques.

Posted by Science of Mind magazine on Wednesday, February 28, 2018