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Publisher and editor Dr. David Goldberg invites you into the extended February 2018 issue featuring Dr. Roger and Erica Teel, RScP, on the cover (from Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado). Trisha Gance, RScP, tells the love story of the Teels and their unwavering faith in where the Divine had led their lives.

  • The Daily Guides are written by Rev.  Dr. David Goldberg with beautiful reflections on the Olympics.
  • Dr. Ernest Holmes takes us into what “The Whole Human Family” looks like.
  • Sara Awad takes us to Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago for a look at oneness through the powerful lens of diversity.
  • In our third annual “Sacred Travel” section, Dr. Kent Rautenstraus has a one-on-one conversation with travel legend Pico Iyer.
  • Carol Burbank, Ph.D., introduces us to the fiery Pele on Hawaii’s Big Island.
  • Rev. Patrick Soran sits down with author Albert Flynn DeSilver to give you tips for writing as a spiritual practice.
  • Rev. Duchess Dale and Erica Teel show you how to work the art of improv into your daily life and watch the results.
  • Rev. Dr. Maureen Hoyt shares the unlikely friendship of Bishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Richard Branson.
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Posted by Science of Mind magazine on Thursday, February 1, 2018