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Publisher and editor Dr. David Goldberg shares a special conversation with Rev. Kathleen Lenover, author of this month’s Daily Guides. Our December 2017 cover features Pope Francis as our spiritual hero in a feature by Gary Jansen. We welcome your opinions on this selection. Each year, a spiritual hero is chosen, and the only requirement is that the person is not a Religious Scientist. Here are some other highlights for December:

  • Dennis Merritt Jones offers us his perspective on “Standing Guard at the Temple Gate.”
  • The Daily Guides focus on self-care and authenticity during the holiday season with Rev. Kathleen Lenover, a reader favorite and regular “Practical Prosperity” columnist.
  • The wisdom of Dr. Ernest Holmes is shared through “Christ Is Born in Us Today.”
  • Take advantage of our best subscription offer of the year! Give the gift that gives each day:
  • Millennial voice Swati Singh offers a feature on “We Do We Pray?”
  • Rebecca Hiraoka takes us on a Navajo adventure with Jaclyn Roessel in “Speaking Sacredness Fluently.”
  • New voice to the magazine, Rev. Celeste Frazier, examines our oneness in “Sing Always God’s Eternal Song.”
  • Rev. Dr. Jesse Jennings gives us his metaphysical interpretation of the Christmas story in his regular “Questions & Answers” department.

The month of October 2017 concluded our 90th anniversary celebration. As we enter a new decade for the magazine, please consider celebrating with us:

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Live from the headquarters of Centers for Spiritual Living in Golden, Colorado — Watch the latest Facebook Live video from Dr. David Goldberg and Rev. Kathleen Lenover:

Kathleen Lenover and Dr. David Goldberg take us into the December 2017 issue featuring Pope Francis as our spiritual hero.

Posted by Science of Mind magazine on Monday, December 4, 2017