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Publisher and editor Dr. David Goldberg brings you into the August 2017 issue. Our cover features the Ruiz family — the beloved don Miguel and his brilliant sons, don Miguel, Jr. and don Jose (receiving acclaim for the updated “The Fifth Agreements” book). They share practical ways for our readers to embody Toltec truths in a rapidly changing world and social climate.

  • Julie Mierau turns our eyes toward the face (and harsh realities) of human trafficking.
  • Jayne Gardner, Ph.D., shares compassion and understanding in “Evil: Just a Thought Covering Our Divine Nature” (a story about treating a pedophile).
  • Rev. Ron Fox delivers 31 Daily Guides for raising our planet’s vibration.
  • Dr. Petra Weldes offers the fifth installment of her “Spiritual Initiations” series. This month’s feature is called “It’s Not All About Me?”
  • Anthony J. Diaz, Esq., helps us go from conflict to compassion in a feature about living a life of peace and purpose.
  • As our 90th anniversary retrospectives continue, the Science of Mind Archives & Library Foundation takes you back to 1997-2007 with “Make Your Own Tomorrows” as we honor Religious Science history and world events.
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Publisher and editor Dr. David S. Goldberg brings you into our exciting August issue.❤️

Posted by Science of Mind magazine on Monday, July 31, 2017