By Terry Cole-Whittaker |

Use Your Creative Power »

Instead of using our creative energy to create what we desire, most humans are using their energy to record and mentally store information about the physical universe and what happened to them — of course, from their perspective.

What a waste to be a mere recorder of the outer world that is just a projection through the mind. We can never discover who we are in the outer world for we are not made of this reality. We are the makers of this reality by our thoughts, agreements and actions.

Pettiness is about using the mind to find fault and blame, practice pitiful conversations or endlessly go over past conditions to feel bad and sad, resent and hate. Pettiness may even lead to getting even, and it definitely holds us back from being and doing what we desire.

If this happens, say to yourself, “Is this what I want to be doing with my life? Is this helping me attain what I really desire?”

Think empowering thoughts! As a spiritual counselor and teacher, the most frustrating experience is when a student does not want to let go of their story of abuse, loss, problems and disappointments.

As a child of 4 years old, my body was shot in the legs with a .22 pistol bullet. Now that’s violence! To me, this was an experience, but nothing more. Yes, some experiences are more pleasurable or miserable than others. But if we do not allow the past to determine our present and future — how we are feeling and what we are doing now — there is no one to blame. We must then accept responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Stuff happens! Cowards always think: “What will happen if I fail? Failure and success are judgments based on our learned prejudices and that is all.

Is the excuse and reason to not be and do what we know and feel in our hearts better than the satisfaction and fulfillment of using our talents, being our true self and living as we choose? Pandering for adoration and approval, as if this will give us something we do not have, is not the path of greatness.

Great souls do not seek the approval of others — they know who they are. You have it all. Use it!