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Stef Swink, RScP, has been a sought-after practitioner and licensed Heal Your Life® teacher two decades. Early on she was the personal assistant to author Louise Hay, responding to thousands of “Dear Louise” letters and now has a thriving coaching practice in Evergreen, Colorado. You can visit her online and submit questions for her column at

Here is her column from the April 2017 issue as an example of what you can expect:

The Home of One Mind

My husband and I intended to sell our home and find our next residence. Selling was no problem; finding the next home was. I practice more intentionally and affirmatively to manifest, and he is slightly more fear-based (or “cautious,” as he says). As a couple, how much do we have to be on the same page to manifest the outcome we seek? I can intend, accept and expect all day long, but if he’s thinking/believing we’ll never find a place like what we have or better, isn’t he canceling out my vote?

House Hunter

I am delighted with this question. Understanding the power of our individual consciousness, especially in relationship with others, is so timely and important. About 25 years ago, I went to my minister when I felt desperately stuck in a messy romantic relationship. After revealing my heartbreak, she spoke a beautiful prayer affirming my healing, freedom and fulfillment. As she completed, I tearfully blurted out, “That was lovely. If only I believed it!”

What she said next awakened me to the power of prayer and intentional consciousness.

“There is just One Mind, and we are both part of that — no separation. In my mind, you are free and empowered.” She moved one hand slightly above her head and continued, “The vibration of my understanding about the highest truth of you is here.” She moved her other hand to about chest level. “Yours is here.” She then slowly raised the lower hand to meet the higher one. “Energy at a lower frequency is always lifted by a higher vibration. The Truth is stronger than doubt and ultimately trumps fear and false beliefs every time.” She added, “Feel free to borrow my mind, Stef. If you question your creative power, remember that I know it.”

Make a date with your husband to actively listen to each other regarding your home situation. Start fresh!

If your visions are dissimilar, explore paths to new sharable territory. If your desires align, lend your husband your mind. There is no need to coerce or convince him.

Commit to your wonderful new home revealing itself in perfect time, and know Universal Creative Intelligence responds without question, confusion or delay.