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Our Facebook Friends share how they unlocked Science of Mind and its powerful philosophy in their lives.

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I was at a low point in my life and had been there a while. I received an advertisement card for Science of Mind magazine. The text resonated with me. I placed an order and have devoured each issue since. It has saved me many times, taught me and given me peace. I have bought many books by authors I first read in this fabulous magazine. Thank you for the work you do.

— Linda Graves

I was raised in the “conventional Christian” church. When I got into my teens, I began to question the minister about some of the things he was teaching and he told me, “We aren’t meant to know everything.” When I was in my 20s, I left the church and my search began. I started going to the book stores and found a wonderful section that I was really drawn to. A book fell of the shelf and landed near my feet. It was “Three Magic Words.” I bought it and read it with such gusto, and when I finished, I went looking for more books. When I was in my 30s, I found the Divine Science Church and became a member. Since then, I have incorporated more ideals, such as Buddhism, Sufism, etc., and I feel I have a well-
rounded spiritual philosophy. I continue to study and have incorporated science into my studies, such as quantum physics. I am now 73 years and moving right along. I also have studied Science of Mind and use its ideals in my life.

— Myrna Chandler

I came to New Thought in 1974 because it made sense! There could not be a waste of souls (hell and punishment). There could not be injustice — some having and many having none. New Thought gave me a sense of responsibility: You are what you think. And it gave me a sense of duty: Heal thy neighbor with your thought.

— Carlota Lopez

I learned about New Thought in an Adult Children of Alcoholics meeting in Ann Arbor [Michigan] about 25 years ago. I began attending Unity there and also started ordering your magazine about that time, both life-changing decisions.

— Nancy Wilder Bell