How Thoughts Become Reality: In Defense of the “Woo Peddlers” »

Monday, October 16th from 8:00 – 9:30 p.m. ET

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The aim of all spiritual practice is the nonviolent fulfillment of our highest realization and potential.

In the first evening of this 3-part deep-dive conversation, Mitch Horowitz gives the historical background of creative-mind metaphysics and discusses how he — a critically acclaimed historian and spiritual thinker who is supposed to be interested in “serious” esoteric traditions — grew so devoted to mind power or New Thought. He explores where the field of positive-mind metaphysics came from and where it succeeds and fails. Eastern traditions teach non-attachment (or so we think); Mitch embraces self-attainment. He believes that in order to be happy — and to discharge your plans in life — you must, too, find out why.