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Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine is a monthly, international magazine providing inspiration and practical spiritual tools to transform individual’s lives and create a world that works for all. It is based on the philosophy of New Thought luminary Dr. Ernest Holmes, who founded the magazine in 1927. This philosophy teaches that we are part of the creative process of life and therefore our beliefs and attitudes create our experiences. We honor all paths to God and help individuals create a personal relationship with God. Our primary focus is awakening individuals to their spiritual magnificence and creating a world that works for all.

Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine is published by Centers for Spiritual Living.

Connect with Centers for Spiritual Living online at


The magazine publishes articles that teach, inspire, motivate and inform. Editorial content addresses the concerns, interests and problems of readers, offering thoughtful perspectives on how they can experience greater self-acceptance, empowerment and meaningful living. Our readers are cultural creatives – free thinkers who care about spiritual growth, personal development, community, sustainable living and social justice.

We publish articles that provide practical tools for spiritual living. We also include articles that offer a spiritual perspective on world events and trends. We do not publish works of poetry or fiction.


The magazine provides many ways to make a difference for students enrolled in the Centers for Spiritual Living Holmes Institute School of Spiritual Leadership. » Check out the list of internship programs with the Science of Mind magazine staff.


Thank you for your interest in writing for SCIENCE OF MIND MAGAZINE: GUIDE FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING. Due to the large quantity of queries we receive, we request that all queries follow the guidelines below. If you do not hear from us in two months, feel free to query other publications.


If you are interested in writing an article for us, we ask that you follow the format below for evaluation. Thinking through these questions will also help you write your best article.

Your query should address all questions below. Our readers are spiritual seekers. Many are new to our philosophy, so avoid using jargon. The most successfully queries are those that are timely, appropriately researched, engagingly written, freshly angled and tailored to Science of Mind readers in particular.

1) What is the premise for the article? Tell us the essence of the article in 3 paragraphs or less.

2) Science of Mind magazine stresses practical advice that our readers can apply in their daily lives. Tell us three ways our readers will benefit from your story. List the features of the article that will deliver these take-aways.

3) Do some research on our magazine. Read back issues. Highlight two or three related articles and tell us in what ways your article is similar and in what ways it is bringing something new to the table.

4)  Your bio. Who are you? Why are you qualified to write this story? Include a writing sample.

5) Include a polished working draft of the lead and first two paragraphs of your story.

STUDY OUR PUBLICATION. Closely read a few issues (they are available at Barnes & Noble). Note what topics we cover, the writing style (conversational as opposed to academic), use of sidebars and subheads, and how we open and end articles.

QUERY FIRST. In your query, explain why the article is a good fit for our readers and include the opening 3 paragraphs. Include samples of previous articles on a similar topic.

  • Features run 500 – 1,200 words
  • Follow Associated Press (AP) Style
  • Use language that is inclusive and gender neutral

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we are only able to respond to your story if you have been accepted for publication.  If you have not heard from us in two months, please feel free to submit your story elsewhere.

Poetry & Fiction

Science of Mind magazine is not accepting poetry submissions at this time. Include your phone number in the query.

Send queries to

Due to the great number of submissions received, we regret that we cannot respond to every submission. Thank you for your understanding.


If you are interested in submitting a book, film or CD to Science of Mind for possible review in our Media Review department, send a copy in any format to: Media Reviews, Science of Mind, 573 Park Point Drive, Golden CO 80401. Digital submissions can be made to: We appreciate advance review copies. Lead time is four months.

All submissions are assessed according to the magazine’s needs and staff interests.


Here’s a list of » 2018 themes and submission dates to help you plan ahead.

It may be of interest if you would like to:

  • submit a writing sample,

  • submit a book or audio collection for inclusion in our “Media Reviews” section,

  • submit a letter to the editor,

  • participate in “Your Space” or “A Conversation with Ernest,”

  • advertise with us in the coming year or

  • as an advertiser, participate in special sections and in our “Enlightened Emporium” reviews.


Science of Mind magazine buys first rights, which includes both the print and online publication of a story, and pays on publication.